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I just wanted to let you know that we are suddenly getting some real website traffic. We also ran a new Godaddy seo report and found that we jumped from 77 to 87%!!! green!! this was barely at 50% when we started with you!! Great work!! ~ PlatinumCare Cleaning and Restoration – click here

Perfect! Your design team is top notch. Thanks! Laurie

Holly, thank you so much for you and your team. The response and the impression that you and your team’s design has been Fantastic. Believe me I know all the hard work you and your team put into making this project happen, and I just wanted to say thank you very much. CB

If you’re not using a marketing adviser then you are way behind .Check out what mine is doing for Us Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair of Southport NC 28461. In the Google search. I searched Roofing Southport NC. Here are my results Below the yellow paid ads.

Only the Best Holly Powell (Go Ahead Google Her)

This from two design mockups we sent to the client:
Are you kidding? Those look GREAT! I will show the team and tell you which way here in a little while. Thank you! After message: U R Hired. ; ) Danny Arrington

Holly’s note: because I didn’t want to edit the senders message–it’s in all caps. Not hollerin’ atcha–I promise.


This testimonial–you have to read for yourself. From Diane a very special lady!

In reference to new header graphic–It looks great!!! Now I know I made the right decision bringing Soaring Away on board. Don TreasuresnTravel

The background color change and the color combination especially the accent of gold on these pages. This site looks GORGEOUS, You and your team knocked this design out the park… Charles Blair PageOneSuccess

I am sooo grateful we meet last year. I really appreciate all you helped me with. Were I am today has to do with what you taught me and no one else in #####. Juan M

“hi holly… just wanted to thank you for everything you do. you are such a giver. you are so committed to making a difference for others. and i know a lot of people that you’ve helped, that you contributed to their life, and people you may not have even known you made a difference for…but for all of those people who never got to thank you… i just want to thank you on their behalf for being such a wonderful coach, a wonderful mentor, and a wonderful friend as well. DK

Soaring Away Unlimited, Inc just completed my first website ever. I love it and look forward to working further with them as it develops further. What a fantastic job and it was done very quickly. These people really know what they are doing. Mary K Ameling, Ameling Marketing